Vacation for Veterans

We are honored to add your timeshare week(s) to our Donor Database. Thank you so much for offering your timeshare week to deserving veterans. As timeshare owners, you know well how priceless are the memories that are made on these vacations, and your gift of time is really so much more than that.

Please be advised that due to the nature of this charity, we cannot guarantee that your timeshare week will be chosen by one of our veterans. Please donate your timeshare week to VFV only if you are sure that you will not be using it, and/or cannot otherwise give it away to a friend or family member. We very much appreciate your generosity, and we certainly don't want your timeshare week to expire unused!

You may request that your timeshare offer be deleted from our website at any time. All timeshare offers will be deleted at the end of each calendar year. We are unable to accept full ownership of timeshare weeks at this time.

Vacations For Veterans ensures that the timeshare donor can experience the joy of giving with as little worry as possible. A thorough application and screening process is in place to ensure that the veterans who will be contacting you have signed up through our program and are Purple Heart Medal recipients. Owner's may request that the veteran furnish the same Purple Heart Medal documentation should the owners also wish to verify the veteran's status.

How it Works

  • Timeshare donors fill out the Online Application below which uploads their timeshare week(s) to our website
  • Veterans apply to the program and are screened and verified to be Purple Heart Medal recipients
  • Once verified, veterans contact us to get the password to contact the owners directly at the email address that owners have provided
  • Veterans who have signed up through the program will receive the password and be able to view your contact information. Contact information is not made available to the browsing public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Timeshare Donor?
Anyone fortunate enough to own timeshare weeks and willing to donate a week to a wounded veteran.

How much time can I donate?
One week is the minimum donation time, and there is no cap on the amount of time that you can donate to veterans.

Is this donation tax-deductible?
Unfortunately, no. The IRS has issued a ruling that 'donations of partial interest in time are not deductible charitable events.' However, any fees that you pay on behalf of the veteran (ie, transfer fees, etc) are tax deductible donations, and we can issue you a tax receipt for such donations.

Can I be sure that my timeshare week will be used?
Unfortunately, we cannot ensure this. Veterans come to the site, sign-up, provide documentation, and then browse the homes and timeshares at their leisure. Therefore, there is no way that we can ensure that your week will be chosen, and we ask that you only donate your week if you cannot otherwise use it or give it away to others.

What is your pet and smoking policy?
Vacations for Veterans has a strict No Pets and No Smoking policy. Veterans and their families will not be accompanied by pets, nor smoke in any donated vacation home. Vacations for Veterans also requests that all veterans adopt a No Smoking policy unless otherwise indicated by the individual timeshare owner.

Who are the recipients?
The program is for members of the United States Armed Forces who recently have been wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq and are Purple Heart Medal recipients. Though we wish that we could offer this great program to all of our worthy veterans, we are a very small, all-volunteer charity and in the interests of time, we must necessarily limit our mission to help Purple Heart Medal recipients only.

Does Vacations for Veterans pay for my transfer or resort fees?
As a new charity, Vacations for Veterans does not have the funds to pay for transfer or cleaning fees at this time. However, the homeowner may consider these costs as deductible charitable contributions, or, may ask that the veteran pay these fees.

How do I delete my timeshare week offer?
Please contact if you have successfully donated your week to a veteran, or, you simply wish for the offer to be deleted. All timeshare offers will be deleted at the end of the year unless owners contact VFV to keep the offer available for the next year as well.

How do I proceed and what happens next?
Simply fill out our online form below. If a veteran selects your timeshare week, they will email you. If they are emailing you, they have been screened by our program. You may request the veteran to furnish the same Purple Heart Medal documentation should you also wish to verify the veteran's status.

For any other questions, please contact us Toll Free at 1 (800) 831-8803 or
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